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CHAPTER ONE OF FIVE: "Sorry, we're Open!"
A very long while ago,
In the rugged terrain of the majestic snow peaked mountains loomed an imposing fortress that had once been used as a sanctuary during the war. Inside the safety of the massive grey stone walls was a secret hidden room, it was called "The one forgotten room" because it was left completely untouched since the day the conflict ended and the entire building was renamed and completely renovated into a boarding school for royal youths.
    The aforementioned room was also the only taboo territory no one was allowed to visit. However, one student in particular had easily and skillfully evaded the faculty with her fake charmingly obedient "Snooty two shoes" behavioral tactics and went off exploring the seventh floor out of sheer curiosity and pure hatred against the authority which she nicknamed "Thee Authoritah". When she found her destination she stuck chewed up gobs of red gum and jammed it to a "Sorry, we're open!" sign, smashed it on the door and threw a shoddy "If you're here tonight you'll be found in the morning" floor mat in the entrance and carelessly tossed her red stilettos there. "The zone" was her own personal private retreat.
    Inside her room atop a cluttered desk, dead center of a jar was a lit candel, which was the only light source visible on the seventh floor and it wasn't even allowed to be there but the inhabitant of the room was far beyond caring that she had broken the oldest school rule multiple times. Naturally, she had more important things to dwell on as she worked alone while gulping down glass after glass of burbon spiked sweet tea and being completely oblivious that she had recklessly slopped it on her white button down blouse and green and white sipped tie. At the very the sight of the stains on her school uniform she couldn't help but laugh out loud since she hated the "Athourita's" dress code "Bullsh*t" and couldn't care less about it!
    Time wore on and she continued on the project as she mumbled mangled monologues of messed up love songs intermingled with math jargon while she fed pieces of corn muffin to her fuzzy orange kitten who perked his tufted ears up in an attempt to listen to her when she ranted on and on about how she couldn't stand it when some of her annoying classmates repeatedly gave her unwanted advice.
    He took it all in, blinked at her with his enormous glossy eyes and mewled a tiny "Nyaa" which she immediately responded to by softly kissing him on the head while murmuring oodles of sappy nonsense and rolling a plate sized gear toward him which he immediately swatted halfway across the room with his massively hairy paw. But he wasn't done yet, he decided that metal was yummy and thoroughly crunched it to pieces within the millisecond. He wasn't the exactly a normal cat, let's just leave it at that!
    She rolled more gears at him and she'd gleefully chase them but luckily she didn't literally chew them over. The only things she'd chew over were the ludacris thought fragments she couldn't rid herself of, the scenes raced through her mind like nonstop reruns that ensnared her and wouldn't let her escape. However, that wasn't what truly got to her. Interestingly enough, what "slightly irked" her was the repeated image of one of her classmates accidentally wrecking her masterpieces by crushing them with his "Big behind" since he was to mesmerized by her. Still she "Knew" he did this purposely because of his cruel malicious intent to injure her precious popularity for the sake of ambition which was something she completely understood and whole heartedly endorsed but would only bring upon him if he managed to cause her enough emotional strife, and forbidden ideations, she would to drag him downward to the exact pinnacle of her daydreams that would transform into a zany and brilliant new future and she'd stay with him for beyond the iron reaches of eternity and forever more wether he liked it or not. And if he didn't, that would be "His problem" since she tried not to care. Because in her mind if he liked it, and she would make "Damn well sure" he did, then all would be well, and if he didn't she'd try to care less! And if somebody else ever got in the way of him, she would make sure that they would never see another sun rise or sun set ever again. She would be his and only his and nobody elses…!
       He would never know about any of her feelings, nor would he ever know where she kept her most prized creations safely bolted under quadruple lock and key far away from the rest of the students and anyone else who dared get in her way and ruin her success.
    No teacher could tell her what to do except for the fact that they did, but all they'd be doing would be wasting their precious time by continuously lecturing her, and as soon as they were well out of her way she did whatever she wanted however she wanted any way that she wanted. She didn't yet grasp the concept that the teachers weren't purpously trying to get on her nerves. Acording to her, all she was concered about was that she could do whatever  the fuck she pleased just because she was seventeen! Hell, she could take over the world if she wanted to! It's all because she was seventeen, aaahh that majical number, with that, all other logistics were thrown out the window. If Lexi wished to stand on her head eating pudding  and sipping burboned ice tea out of a straw then so be it!


Veronika Wagner
United States
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Ariel
Personal Quote: Who is the more foolish? The fool, or the fool that follows him?



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